Eid-ul-Adha Special Recipes

1. Lamb Shorba

This spicy lamb meat on bone shorba is nutritious, healthy and flavoursome.

2. Keema Fry

Spicy and delicious Andhra style keema fry is  must on Eid day.

3. Gongura Mutton

Sour taste of sorrel leaves when combines with subtle taste of meat, gives us an aromatic and flavour.

4. Bhuna Gosht

Spicy shredded meat recipe, which is perfect with roti or rice.

5. Mutton Samosa

Crispy, spicy and flaky minced meat samosa, perfect as snack or appetizer.

6. Kaleji ka Salan

Fragrant and flavoursome mutton liver curry.

7. Gosht ka Mahekhaliya

This Mutton Mahi Khaliya recipe is spicy, aromatic, flavorsome and sour in taste.

8. Mutton Biryani

Andhra Style Mutton Biryani is flavourful, aromatic and delicious.

9. Kofta Curry

Deep fried minced meat balls are cooked in spicy yogurt gravy.

10. Shami Kebab

Shallow fried spicy minced meat kebeb.

Paneer Biryani

Kachche Murgh ki Dum Biryani

Yakhni Pulao Shahjahani

Safed Murgh Biryani

Chicken Kabsa